Amplus - from seed
to your table

Amplus means safe, tasty and healthy fruit and vegetables.
We have been taking care of what you eat for 30 years.
Every step matters - from seed to your table.



Everything has a beginning, and the Amplus story begins with a seed.

  • 400+


  • 4 000+ ha

    hectares of cultivated area

  • 12

    seed companies

  • 5


  • FarmCloud

    product identification

  • 1 000

    soil samples per year

  • 150

    weather stations

  • 100

    pest traps


Perfect fruit and vegetables require not only the best conditions, but also the support of technology.

  • professional logistics, forwarding and transport

  • technology supporting every stage of cultivation, precise monitoring

  • processing, based on the family tradition from Charsznica

  • vertical multi-level hydroponic cultivation of lettuces and herbs

  • biologically protected strawberries grown in modern tunnels

  • apples from the Sandomierz region, with an unusual taste and aroma

  • EU-protected varieties of Polish garlic Harnaś and Arkus



We specialize in the storage, preparation and processing
of fruit and vegetables.

We ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products throughout the entire supply chain. Our infrastructure is based on modern and innovative solutions.

  • 2 locations

    Prandocin Iły,

  • 40 000 m²

    of total area

  • 25

    cold stores with a capacity
    of 1,000 tonnes each

  • 10

    cold rooms with high storage racks

  • over a dozen

    automated sorting and packaging lines

  • 3

    natural ripening rooms of tropical fruits

  • 1

    dedicated garlic dryer

  • 2

    specialised lines for fruit and vegetable processing



The transport of fruit and vegetables to the store is carried out by a professional fleet of trucks.

You can be sure that our products are well cared for even in transport.
  • 300 sets

  • 4 100 orders per month

  • 2 special purpose transport companies: Amplus Logistic and Amplus Prime

  • 31 loading and unloading ramps

Learn more about our services.

We want to use the potential of the industry in the best possible way by being involved at every stage of production - from seed to your table.
  • Professional Agro Smart Lab consulting

  • Logistics in Amplus quality

  • Specialist transport Amplus Logistic

Our global operations.

We bring you the best products from all over the world.