Unique production, logistics
and distribution model

We believe that the innovative solutions we introduce set a new direction for the fruit and vegetable industry by ensuring safe, quality and healthy products made with respect for the natural environment. With the help of Amplus, you get specific expert support at every stage of cultivation.

Agro Smart Lab

How do we support producers? Meet Agro Smart Lab.

Diagnostic support before sowing, soil diagnostics and leaf testing, as well as micro and macronutrients. These are the services that Agro Smart Lab - professional consultancy for fruit and vegetable producers - provides you on a daily basis.

FARM SMART is an original project of precise crop monitoring. It allows the effective protection of plants against diseases and pests. Immediately after identifying a threat, it sends an e-mail and text about the danger so that you know when to react.

With the help of FARM SMART, you can also carefully plan activities - the effectiveness of which depends on the weather. A professional 7-day forecast will tell you when it's best to spray.

We advise which natural pesticide-free plant protection products are worth using.

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Agro Smart Lab's offer includes:

  • Precise disease and pest monitoring and signalling system: FARM SMART.

  • Professional laboratory services using innovative research technologies: soil and plant testing in terms of nutrient supply and identification of pathogens.

  • Proven technologies of fruit and vegetable production without pesticide residues.

  • Innovative post-harvest technologies that reduce losses and improve product safety.

  • Professional research and advisory support.

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AMPLUS - more than Logistics.

In our logistics centres, fruit and vegetables are professionally cared for at every stage: reception, storage, preparation and processing. And all this in modern facilities in southern Poland, in an area of almost 40,000m².

The entire logistics process is comprehensively supervised by the proprietary IT system WMS, which effectively manages all warehouse processes. Real-time control. Thanks to this, we are sure that all products that leave our centre are tested, safe and of the highest quality.

Prandocin Iły

A modern, ecological and energy-efficient storage and cooling base:

  • 22 500 m²

    of warehouse space

  • 17

    cold stores with a capacity of 1,000 tonnes each

  • 5 500 m²

    of modern office infrastructure

  • 31

    loading and unloading ramps


A specialised technology park, research and development centre, fruit and vegetable processing:

  • 10 000 m²

    of warehouse space

  • over a dozen

    automated sorting and packaging lines

  • modern

    production line for processing

  • 3

    tropical fruit ripening rooms and a drying room


Tell us what you need and we will prepare an offer tailored to you.

Amplus Logistic

Transport straight to the destination.
Amplus Logistic

Amplus Logistic - logistics, forwarding and transport in controlled temperature are the areas in which we specialise. By using our fleet, you have total control of your deliveries on a global scale. We are a member of the 'Project 44' initiative, thanks to which you have the opportunity to independently control where the vehicle with your cargo is located.

The confirmation of our high standards are the certificates IFS LOGISTIC Certificate and compliance with the EU EURO6 emission standards.