Our focus is taste!

Tasty, safe and produced with the greatest care for quality. These are the products from Amplus. Everything you can find in our offer comes from sustainable production.

Organic fruit and vegetables

You are what you eat.

At Amplus, we make sure that everyone knows what they are eating and where it comes from. The quality of our products is what we have been taking care of every day for 30 years.

Amplus - see how we work

At Amplus, we know that cooperation is the basis of success. Therefore, we make sure that relationships with suppliers are based on partnership principles and last a long time. We have had a lot of success in this matter. Did you know that we are consolidating the agri-food market in the country? This, in turn, resulted in the establishing of one of the largest bases of fruit and vegetable producers in Poland.

  • 3 000 ha

    is our domestic contracted agricultural production

  • 400

    farms work with us, and the base is constantly growing

  • 24h

    we monitor crops 24 hours a day, from sowing to harvest

  • Contract agreements that we conclude with our producers are a guarantee of the quality and the repeatability of our offer.

  • We advise and monitor the entire production process to achieve even better results and take care of what goes on your table.

  • Our activities are based on experience and the unique production, logistics and distribution model developed by Amplus - which covers every stage of the logistics chain. This is provided by a proprietary tool for identifying the origin of the product - the FarmCloud platform.

Amplus - abroad

The international reach of Amplus enables us to deliver fruit and vegetables from various parts of the world. Acting in accordance with our motto, we always reach higher.This also applies to the import of the best products that our customers expect. Therefore, by using our network, we are able to guarantee our partners almost any fruit or vegetable - regardless of where it grows.

Because Amplus is also has foreign manufacturers, we can choose based on our own high standards. Each potential partner is thoroughly verified. A specially dedicated team of experienced Amplus specialists checks the manufacturer and prepares a detailed offer for the network. We determine the scope of services we provide. The process includes over 20 steps. We approach each one individually.

  • We choose foreign producers guided by Amplus' high standards.

  • A dedicated Amplus team checks and prepares a thorough offer for the chain.

  • We determine the detailed scope of the services we provide.

  • We approach each partner individually, and we adjust the valuations to the needs.

The art of fermentation

We love good products

and are inspired by tradition.

That is why, since 2019, you have been able to enjoy real pickles from THE POWER OF NATURE. We have the newest domestic machinery in which we pack delicious products.

How do we know how to prepare pickles that will taste like no other? Our secret lies in our family recipe and follows the pickling traditions of the Charsznica region. The fermentation process is completely natural. We do not use any artificial enhancers. Thanks to this, you can safely try organic cabbage or pickled cucumbers just like from the old days.

We promote the beneficial and health effects of fermented products. Meet the Sour BIOheroes and see their mission. You can read more about the benefits of our pickles here.

pickled using the traditional
method from Charsznica


the best

salt without
chemical additives

and resin silos

Full steam ahead into health!

Fast, healthy, tasty - how is it possible?

Reach for steamed products from Amplus whenever you crave real and natural flavour. Can you smell and taste those real vegetables? That's our secret. If you want to know everything about what you eat, see our label. We keep no secrets from you.

100% flavour, no preservatives or dyes:

See our products ➔
  • beetroot (whole)
  • corn (cob)
  • potato (jacket potato)
  • carrots (cubes)
  • solo apple (whole)
  • apple with cinnamon (whole)

Siejesie: it's crunchy

Healthy and tasty food - that's what you are looking for. When you know that your well-being, health and even your mood depend on what goes on your table, then you reach for delicious salads and herbs. The popularity of leafy vegetables is growing every day because people just want to eat better. At Amplus, we make sure that the food is tasty and healthy, but also ecological. Therefore, for plants that you later eat with taste - we have designed innovative vertical farms. We use the latest technology and closed-loop circulation in them by making them completely pesticide-free. Learn more about growing plants on Amplus Hydroponic Vertical Farms. See

fully controlled
atmosphere conditions


100% water

lower CO₂ emissions
and soil degradation

In good company

The key to success is cooperation based on dialogue and a common goal.

We have established associations of independent producers. Each of them focuses on one product and aims to produce the best-quality fruit and vegetables. 

We work together on the production, quality and safety of products. Thanks to the associations, we know exactly what is happening with fruit and vegetables from seed to your table. That is why everything you eat is of excellent quality and meets the highest standards.

The Galician Garlic Association

Our Galician Garlic is cultivated by farmers from 3 communes near Krakow:

Koniusza, Radziemice and Słominki. This is where the best soil conditions and microclimate for this plant prevail. It is a unique place on the agricultural map of Poland. The association has almost 100 members for whom Galician Garlic is something more than just a plant.

Harnaś and Arkus are Polish varieties of garlic which, since 2018, boast the prestigious EU title of "Protected Geographical Indication". Only the best products boast it.

Sandomierz Orchards Association

Our apples are the fruit of the Sandomierz region.

Why did we choose this region? Because the apples that grow there have an extraordinary taste and aroma. Apples gain these amazing qualities thanks to the specific climate and soil conditions, and the long and warm growing season in the Sandomierz region. We collect them in orchards from 138 farms. The association was established in 2019. It covers over 1,000ha. Annually, it supplies over 20,000 tonnes of apples.