Industry innovation

More, better, more modern, tastier, more environmentally friendly. Everything out of concern for a better tomorrow. We believe that the fruit and vegetable industry must respond to new and changing customer needs. That's why at Amplus we constantly initiate new solutions and regularly introduce innovative technologies. Amplus - we give you safe, healthy and tasty products created in an ecologically responsible way.

Tunnel cultivation

Red, fragrant and appetisingly looking down on you from above! Meet the Amplus strawberries from modern tunnel cultivation.

Did you know that Amplus was the first to take strawberry farming to a higher level? Meet our fully automated tunnel cultivation. In them, Polish strawberries grow healthily and safely so that full of flavour goes straight to your table.

Are you wondering why so much trouble? Fragrant strawberries from tunnel cultivation not only grow naturally, but are also pesticide-free. Because we grow them in specially suspended gutters, they are biologically protected. In addition, they are covered with a coconut substrate. This is how we reduce the risk of soil diseases.

But that's not all! Our plantation has special retention tanks that collect rainfall. This is how we save water. And the installation sprays a water mist - electrolysed water, which protects the strawberries from bacteria and fungi.

As you can see, in Amplus, every strawberry feels like a real queen. And we carefully watch over every stage of her life - from the seedling to its debut on your table. Therefore, when you buy with Amplus you simply know what you are eating. You eat healthy.


Vertical farms

The Siejesie Research and Development Centre is a unique and the first research centre of this type in Poland.

At the centre, we use innovative, multi-level hydroponic technology, where we use liquid-cooled LED modules.

Siejesie is the cultivation of leafy vegetables and herbs. How are they made?

In a special building (isolated from the surroundings) where we constantly monitor the environmental conditions. We do not use any pesticides, so the taste and nutritional value of vegetables and herbs derived from it are abundant.

Out of concern for the natural environment, we use a closed water cycle and energy-saving lighting. We irrigate the plants with the drip method, reducing its consumption by as much as 99% compared to traditional crops. The air that all plants breathe on our farm is filtered and is disinfected using UV lamps.

Vertical Amplus farms give 300% more efficiency compared to agricultural crops, so you will never run out of the best vegetables and herbs on your table.

Crop monitoring and protection

It is a state-of-the-art system that allows you to effectively monitor your crops.

We developed it together with the best scientists from Austria and the University of Agriculture in Krakow. This proprietary system allows preventive protection of crops. It provides instant information about pests and diseases that threaten your crops.

We have located meteorological stations throughout Poland. They keep us up to date with the latest weather information and, based on this, we prepare specialised forecasts. The Amplus program supports the decisions and actions taken by producers. According to the provided instructions, they choose the best time to perform crop protection treatments.

In order to better protect our suppliers' crops, we have been developing a pest monitoring system for several years. We have equipped all of our weather stations with automatic iTrap or iScout traps. Thanks to them, we immediately have information about the appearance of pests that can threaten plantation. In this way, we make sure that the fruit and vegetable crops we deliver are always safe and of the highest quality.

We treat each threat individually, and the system checks the pest's development period. The results of the analysis are immediately communicated to the farmer, with precise information on a convenient time to carry out the treatment aimed at protecting the crop.

A modern base in Prandocin

The Amplus storage and cooling base in Prandocin is a concern for the quality of delivered products.

Quality is the priority at Amplus. We strive for the best: support, products, services, specialists. With all this, however, we do not forget about environmental responsibility.

The facility in Prandocin Iły was built with respect for the environment and the surroundings. It is a symbol of our concern for ecology.

The Amplus facility in Prandocin Illy is one of the most modern storage and refrigeration facilities in the whole of Europe. Since its inception, it has gained independent recognition - which is reflected in numerous awards:

  • Industrial Investment of the Year Award under the patronage of the Ministry of Economy and Business Centre Club

  • An award in the category of industrial, production and warehouse facilities in the Lesser Poland District Chamber of Architects

  • Award in the ECO HERO company category under the patronage of the Marshal's Office of the Lesser Poland Region