The history of Amplus

Our story began in 1992. Since then, Amplus fruit and vegetables have been continuously present in shops and on the tables of Poles; and even outside Poland.

Amplus was founded by Henryk Skrzydlewski, Mieczysław Bucki, Stefan Sotwin and Maciej Kuźniak. They noticed the need that appeared on the fruit and vegetable market in the early 90s. Their vision made Amplus a strong brand with an established position in the international arena for 30 years.

„When a company stops creating...
it becomes history”

Bartłomiej Skrzydlewski, President of the Management Board


Management Board

Bartłomiej Skrzydlewski

President of the Management Board

Łukasz Bucki

Vice-President of the Management Board

Christian Kucharczyk

Vice-President of the Management Board

Maciej Skrzydlewski

Vice-President of the Management Board

Development of Amplus

The 90s were a big change.

When Western supermarket and discount chains started to invest in Poland, the food market changed. This had a positive effect on Amplus. Expectations towards suppliers, high standards, transparency in purchases, honesty - these are the elements that have become the basis of Amplus' success. Plus, every day of hard work to keep the business going. The following years are marked by the continuous development of Amplus. Just eight years (2006-14) was enough for our company to grow thirteenfold. Thanks to close cooperation with the Biedronka chain, Amplus achieved revenues of over PLN 1 billion in 2021 alone.

From 2009, the next generations of founders joined the family business - Bartłomiej Skrzydlewski, who took over the management of Amplus in 2017. This gave an impetus to the development of the entire company. Since then, Amplus has started to expand the production and services offered to the chain. The company's management board also includes Łukasz Bucki, Magdalena Sotwin-Rychlak, Christian Kucharczyk and Maciej Skrzydlewski.

The following years saw the development of other branches of the company's activity - the development of the company producing pickles  and investment in modern strawberry cultivation on suspended gutters. The largest investment is R&D centres (i.e., vertical farms) in which Amplus - including financing from NCBIR - invested almost PLN 20 million. It is an investment in the future.

The present with a view to the future

Amplus - a family company with an international reach.

Amplus has been a family business from the very beginning. But our activity goes far beyond the domestic market. We deliver safe, fresh and tasty products on a global scale. We employ almost 500 employees and have 2 modern locations with a total area of over 40,000m²

Amplus values.
  • Certified quality

    Following the slogan from seed to your table, at Amplus, we make sure that our customers always know where the fruit and vegetables come from. We pay close attention to the transparency of the supply chain. Our commitment is to quality. Therefore, in order to ensure continuous and effective cooperation between all participants of food production, we have implemented the FarmCloud platform for product identification. We want what ends up on the consumer's plate to be safe food with the highest-quality parameters, complemented by transparent information about the origin of our product.

  • Semper in Altum, or…?

    It means "always up". It is also our motto, which has allowed us to develop for you for 30 years! New products, delicious innovations and technology. In Prandocin, we have built one of the most modern refrigeration and storage bases in Europe. Amplus Logistic - our fleet - ensures the safe journey of fruit and vegetables to homes around the world.

  • Amplus is a member of SEDEX

    We believe that by sharing our knowledge and experience, each of us can actually change the world for the better. That is why we give our partners what we have the best: wisdom supported by 30 years of practice. In our daily work, respect and trust are important - which give a deeper meaning to what we do. Among other aspects, this is what opened the way to SEDEX - the international ethical trade and business organisation of which we are a member.